Please email to BestDayPhotography@gmail.com and I will send you the link to view and download your high-resolution photos.

Here is another download for you. I created a useful freeware utility called Brightness Commander. I made it myself to reduce strain on my eyes, it allows quick switching between 4 different screen brightness presets. Simply hit Caps Lock key twice to change your screen brightness.

It works on any Windows PC and can be useful for some laptops too. All I ask in return, please spread a word about this app and my website on Internet. No adware, no malware/viruses, absolutely free and clean app. You may see several warnings which basically means that I am not going to pay Microsoft $100/year to certify this little app. To install on your PC/laptop click
Download and then Launch -> Open downloaded file -> select Run Anyway.

Several similar utilities are reviewed here but I think that my utility is most convinient, especially if you like to switch brightness often, for example, I prefer dim screen while reading text and normal brightness to view photos and double Caps Lock is a very fast way to switch.